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Girl Captains 2018 - Day 1

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Our 13 Girl Captains arrived today eager to experience Morocco, even after a lively fight. They didn't get much sleep between JFK and Casablanca. Upon arrival in Marrakech, we met with Nora, the founder of the Amal Women's Center in Marrakech. Nora's an impressive leader who created a training center in Morocco to give women in vulnerable situations a chance to earn a living and to be integrated into society. To learn more about Amal, visit

We got to explore the busy markets of Marrakech, which was a bit of a culture shock to some. However, Brook set an example of how to make friends even when there's a language barrier! Brook's smile was enough to encourage this lady to invite Brook to sit with her, and of course she did. The rest was history.

Shanterra gave an awesome talk this evening to set the tone for our program. She encouraged the group to embrace the best parts of being a girl and to build up other girls as we change the narrative about girls around the world. There's a marvelous energy amongst this group. Thanks for following along with our adventure. The next post is expected for Saturday evening.

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