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Here's What Some of our Students are Saying

Ellis M.
Semester at Sea

"This program really allowed us to make strong connections with locals and our homestay families in a short amount of time. I was surprised at how well our program leaders were able to help the group communicate with everyone we met and to get us engaged in whatever discussion or activity was at hand. 

Our program leaders were wonderful and really made a difference in our experience throughout the program. They were able to give us in-depth knowledge about the places we visited and the culture both through factual information and personal experiences. Getting to talk with local college students and the various women at the cooperative was also amazing. I loved getting to learn about their lives and to see our similarities as well as differences. Getting a glimpse into their lives changed my perspective of what life for women in Morocco is like."

Heming M.
Semester at Sea

"I had a really wonderful homestay experience in Morocco. It significantly influenced my subsequent traveling. Through living with the local family, I learned how to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds in a proper and respectful manner and learn about their cultures by doing it with them. Furthermore, it sharpened my insight to learn about the country from the perspectives of locals. I learned what information is valuable and how to ask about them. When I traveled to other countries, I applied my learnings, and it opened a new horizon for me. But for this program, my voyage wouldn't be so fruitful."

David W.
Pacific Ridge High School

"ImprintEd abroad organized many conversations with local youth and leaders in Morocco. These conversations were out way to dive deeper into the culture of Morocco from a Moroccan point of view. During the trip, we discussed many of the misconceptions of the Muslim community. This was very powerful for me at a time when there is a lot of political disagreement and polarization. Being able to speak to Moroccans about their religion and how negative misconceptions have affected them personally was very insightful. The trip to Morocco gives me the ability to participate in political discussions with a firsthand experience. I highly recommend this trip and say that Morocco is a unique country with a blend of culture you’ll find nowhere else. You’ll meet the nicest people and you will gain more perspective than you ever thought possible."

Helen M.
Semester at Sea

"This program is necessary to break down barriers and humanize people. I now wish to learn Arabic in order to explore Moroccan and other North African and Middle Eastern cultures. The ImprintEd Abroad program allowed me to gain some perspective on what it is to be Muslim and Moroccan, though there is still so much to learn!

The opportunity to see and learn more than what you would as a tourist on your own is invaluable."

August B.
Semester at Sea

"ImprintEd Abroad was able to give me a homestay experience of a lifetime. Although out of my comfort zone, I felt extremely welcomed into the beautiful community and felt right at home. Melissa answered any and all questions that we had, translated between hosts, and was constantly looking to make our trip the best it could be. Our homestay only lasted four days, yet I felt fairly immersed in the culture and our host family by the end of it. ImprintEd Abroad does a great job creating the interdisciplinary experience everyone is searching for. I strongly recommend this program to everyone!"

Angela S.
Pacific Ridge High School

"I know that I have become much more open to things I didn’t have my own opinions on due to lack of exposure... [Now,] my own experiences will determine my opinions… [It’s] a once in a lifetime experience that not only opens your eyes to religion and culture, but allows you to have a full experience of a type of living far [different] from your own."

Dheeraj J.
St. John's University - Paris Campus

"I would highly recommend an ImprintEd Abroad trip to Morocco. It provides the opportunity to explore a different culture and meet some amazing people. I really can’t single out one experience as my favorite as my entire time there was unique and wonderful. The people were among the most welcoming and friendly people that I have ever encountered. I still keep in touch with some of the friends that I made through the program!


One of my favorite activities was the day at the association for at-risk kids in Essaouira. I enjoyed meeting and having conversations with some of the elder students, as well as playing football and enjoying the beach with the younger ones. The meal at Malika’s house was another highlight of my trip. Not only was the food absolutely scrumptious, her mother and sisters were so warm and lovely that they made us really feel like we were a part of their family. "

Esmé J.
Kimball Union Academy

"My favorite part of my experience in Morocco was definitely the homestay in Meski. I learned so much about daily life and the values of Moroccan families, and I was welcomed so warmly and felt so at home during my time there.

Throughout my time in Morocco, I always felt safe, at home, and welcome in Morocco. My understanding of the people deepened through staying with families, being able to stroll around Marrakech, and having amazing program leaders. I learned so much about Morocco: about daily live of various Moroccan youths and families, and about the history and development of the country. Also, I was able to explore the religion alongside regular practitioners."

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