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Safety and Security in Morocco


The U.S. State Department considers Morocco to be one of the safest countries that U.S. citizens can travel to; Morocco is a Level 1 Country, in which travelers can "exercise normal precautions" (U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs). At the same time, it is always important for travelers to maintain a low profile, be aware of their surroundings, and stay alert in public places.


ImprintEd Abroad is based in Morocco, where staff are able to monitor program security. Itineraries are designed to ensure that students are in reasonable proximity to health and emergency care. Each ImprintEd Abroad program has a risk management plan in place, along with supporting policies in place to ensure that student avoid dangerous situations. 


Homestay families are carefully vetted by community leaders and by ImprintEd Abroad staff. The program communicates host family selections to local authorities. ImprintEd Abroad builds long-term relationships with host families. Host families are generous and welcoming families who open their homes to students so that they may share Moroccan culture and learn about their visitors. Two to three ImprintEd Abroad students are placed in each family, and families often contain at least one English-speaking family to facilitate communication and exchange. 

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