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Intercultural Exchange

The goal of every ImprintEd Abroad program is to create dialogue opportunities between visiting students and their Moroccan counterparts. High levels of intercultural exchange offer our students a unique opportunity to delve into Moroccan culture through the stories and voices of Moroccan youth. Further, each program offers participating Moroccans the opportunity to participate in exchange and to share their experiences and perspectives. Each program is staffed by at least one Moroccan staff member, and daily interactions with host country nationals encourage intercultural development.


Our customized programs can be offered at anytime during the year: during a Jan Term or intersession, spring and summer break, or any other time.



ImprintEd Abroad aims to create meaningful intercultural experiences that offer students the opportunity to develop intercultural competencies. Through partnership with local communities, our activities and service projects offer participants a unique entry point into Moroccan culture. 



ImprintEd Abroad is dedicated to the development of empathetic and inquisitive global citizens. Our participants have ample opportunities to exchange with their local peers, host families and community leaders through dialogue, service projects, and cultural activities. 



Possible program themes include:

Cultural discovery

Language (Arabic, French or Amazigh)



Performance, music, or arts

Agriculture and sustainability

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