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Customizable Programs


ImprintEd Abroad offers students an immersive and authentic exchange experience in Morocco. Our programs are designed to positively impact local communities through mindful incorporation of local youth. Engagement between ImprintEd program participants and their Moroccan counterparts creates invaluable intercultural learning. All parties are pushed to develop critical thinking skills as they consider new perspectives.

Three or Four-Day Discovery

Dive into Moroccan culture. Take in the sounds and colors of the souks, share a meal with a Moroccan family, and dialogue with young Moroccans. This introduction into Moroccan culture will have you planning a return trip to Morocco to continue exploring and to meet the contacts made during your ImprintEd Abroad program.



Service Learning

Discover Moroccan culture and society through activities and projects alongside Moroccan youth. Participate in a community development project or get involved at a local school. Help your host mother prepare family meals and go to the hammam (public bath) with your host sister or brother. Your new Moroccan friends will be proud to share their culture with you, and will want to know about yours in return.

Faculty-Led Study

ImprintEd Faculty-Led programs offer cultural immersion activities alongside academic lectures. These activities will get the students out of the classroom and into Moroccan homes and markets. Discussions with locals will flavor the student experience and compliment academic learning.

Don't See the Program You are Looking for? Design Your Own.

Contact melissa(at) with the specifications of your desired program. We would be happy to customize your program.

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