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Sample Itinerary:


Day One

Arrive in Marrakech

Eat a traditional meal with young Moroccans for an introduction to Moroccan culture
Explore Marrakech's famed Jema el-Fnaa at night


Day Two

Tour of Marrakech historic sites

Lunch with host family in the Marrakech medina

Camel Ride

Bus ride to Amizmiz and meet host family

Learn about rural life through discussions at a women's couscous association

Visit the hammam (public bath house)

Dinner with host family


Day Three​

Breakfast with host family

Hike through villages

Visit a local high school and participate in an activity with English-speaking students

Lunch with host family

Cultural celebration

Dinner with host family


Day Four​

Breakfast with host family

Group reflection time

Return to Marrakech for lunch

Go to Marrakech airport for departure

Discovery Morocco

Three to Four Day Immersion

Discovery Morocco programs are designed for student groups coming from Europe to maximize their time in Morocco during an immersive long weekend. Gain a unique perspective on Morocco by spending a night or two with a Moroccan family in Amizmiz, an agricultural community in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, near Marrakech.

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