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Service Learning 


Participation in community-identified service activities alongside locals offer students a chance to deepen their learning about Morocco and to exchange with their host community. ImprintEd Abroad endeavors to select volunteer activities that will have a positive impact upon the community beyond the departure of the students.


Orientation (Two-days), Marrakech

Moroccan cultural orientation through discussions with students

Share a meal with a host family

Discover Jema el-Fnaa square

Learn about women's issues at a restaurant that trains marginalized women

Homestays and Service (Six-days), Amizmiz

Host families offer an authentic access point to Moroccan culture

Work alongside locals in community-identified service activities, which may include planting or building projects

Cultural activities may include:

A talk at a women's couscous association or a pottery cooperative

A discussion at a local Koranic school with the Imam and his students

A hike through local villages

A visit to the hammam (public bath)

Travel (Two-days), Essaouira

Enjoy a hike along the breathtaking Moroccan coast

Spend some free time exploring Essaouira's colorful markets

Participate in an afternoon activity in an English classroom at a local high school

Reflection and Departure (Two-days), Marrakech

Return to Marrakech for final shopping and group reflection

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