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Rural Girls' Soccer Development

Region of Azrou

Girls' Empowerment


Oued Ifrane is a small town with a population of 2,000 in the middle Atlas Mountains. Though it is a traditional community in a country where soccer is generally considered to a sport for boys and men only, the community is very supportive of its girls’ soccer team. The girls on the soccer team will be happy to exchange with a group of American students and to tell their stories for a film project. 

ImprintEd Abroad proposes a video project to tell the stories of the soccer players as part of a campaign to bring more resources to the soccer team. The team is in need of soccer supplies (including work out gear, cleats, socks, shinguards, balls, and goalie gloves); additionally, they need help raising funds to play (including funds for fields, referees, and transportation to matches).

A customized program in this community could focus on:​​

  • video storytelling

  • development of soccer skills

  • leadership development

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