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Morocco - U.S. Virtual Exchange

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Right: Exchange between French class at Norfolk Academy and Moroccan university students in French and in English.

Left: The 2021 Young Women's Intercultural Leadership Summit with students from Morocco and 6 U.S. States and the District of Columbia. Participants practiced creating inclusive group culture, while developing intercultural friendships and building confidence in storytelling.

ImprintEd Abroad goes virtual

In 2020, ImprintEd Abroad planned to bring students to visit a university women's boarding house to learn about the educational experiences of rural Moroccans. Though the Coronavirus pandemic halted these in-person plans, by early 2021, we began virtual exchange between Moroccan students and U.S. classrooms to create meaningful learning experiences. In addition to building relationships and sharing cultural information, U.S. students to practiced their French, while Moroccan students to practiced their English! Check out our 2021 Virtual Exchange Gallery.

ImprintEd Abroad's creates dialogue between U.S. and Moroccan students through lively virtual programming. Discussions enable students learn to better understand their own culture by learning about the culture of their foreign counterparts. Thinking critically, students identify similarities and differences across culture. They gain access to new perspectives and are encouraged to consider difference to be interesting rather than assume that difference separates people.

Custom program themes can be built around critical global issues, such as United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or around skill development, such as through digital storytelling. The language of exchange can be any combination of English, French, and Arabic, based upon the skill level of the U.S. classroom. To date, virtual programs rely on synchronous learning and could be supplemented with asynchronous activities. 


Join a 4-day virtual exchange. Learn from and collaborate with Moroccan peers. There are various dates in March and April 2022 to accommodate the spring break schedules of many schools.

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