Environmental Education Center

Smimoo, Morocco

Sustainable Development


The Environmental Education Center is located within a primary school in Smimoo, just 30 minutes from Essaouira and 20 minutes from the coast. The Center is dedicated to teaching sustainability and environmental preservation to the youth of the region. Students participate in educational games, tend the the Center's plant nursery, and learn beekeeping in order to gain an understanding of the importance of environmental stewardship.


The region of Smimoo, located 20 minutes from the coast and 30 minutes south of Essaouira, is famous for the argan tree. Today, the argan oil is known for all over the world for its cosmetic value. For centuries, Berber woman have extracted oil from the nut of the argan fruit. The argan tree is very important to the local economy, however deforestation plagues the community and causes other environmental concerns.


Proposed projects with the Environmental Education Center include:

Installing drip irrigation

Building beehives for a local middle school

Creating new plant nurseries for a local middle school

School beautification projects