The Young Women's Intercultural Leadership Summit Presents
 (re)Connect: Storytelling and Visioning Across Cultures
December 30-31, 2021

Virtual Exchange: Storytelling & Visioning Across Cultures

Building off of the July 2021 Young Women's Intercultural Leadership Summit, which provided a cross-cultural immersion for leadership development, (re)Connect: Storytelling and Visioning brings past participants back and invites new participants for cultural exchange and storytelling. Female identifying Moroccan university and U.S. high school students will engage with each other to focus on their vision, energize their leadership, and to affirm their voice via virtual workshops, discussions, and activities. 

Participants will actively build skills and develop relationships with one another - this is not a lecture style program! The (re)Connect program will build community and connections through group rituals, such as a student-led morning welcome and sharing. 

The program is designed to help participants build confidence and skills as they explore leadership in an intercultural setting. At a time when politics and a global pandemic have created divisions and increased barriers to global exchange, the Summit brings together youth on two continents, fosters the skills to bridge differences, and explores the importance of interconnectedness domestically and internationally.

The Intercultural Leadership Summit (re)Connect aims to:

  • Empower emerging leaders

  • Practice intercultural communication

  • Inspire connections and collaborations across perceived difference

  • Build a network of globally-minded leaders

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"Yes, the Summit did impact the way I think about myself. Meeting kind people in an open environment made me realize that I can give a positive impact to others around me, which is how others in the Summit impacted me. The Summit taught me the importance of multicultural discussion. Having open conversation with people of different cultures allows for stereotypes and barriers between cultures to be broken." -Arianah

"The Summit helped me recognize I AM confident and I shouldn’t try to hide that. I was reminded that it is okay to be confident, because confidence and humility aren’t mutually exclusive. After hearing Summit members share their stories, I realized that everyone has a story, even if they didn’t realize." -Anonymous

What our Summit participants are saying:

About ImprintEd Abroad

ImprintEd Abroad has been fostering relationships between U.S. and Moroccan students through study abroad programming for U.S. schools in Morocco since 2014. Our programs emphasize immersive experiences that catalyze transformational learning. During the spring of 2021, ImprintEd Abroad began offering virtual exchanges between U.S. schools and Moroccan female university students who live together at a boarding house in Marrakech. Students participated in discussions and activities in small groups in breakout rooms on Zoom.

Our Faciliation Team

The Summit is facilitated by U.S. and Moroccan experts in cultural exchange. They are ImprintEd Abroad's director, Melissa Topacio Long, and ImprintEd Abroad's program leaders, who are young professionals and graduate students in Morocco. Our team is passionate about harnessing intercultural connections to create a transformational learning experience, as well empowering youth to share their stories.

Below: Khadija (on Zoom) sharing information about Ramadan in Morocco

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Above: Saadia giving a lesson about Moroccan schools while leading a program in Morocco


  • The Summit is open to female identifying high school students.

  • Participants should have a good command of the English language. 

  • Participants should have an interest in international relations, leadership, advocacy, activism, or gender studies.

  • Participants must be able to join Zoom sessions on December 30-21, 2021 that last 2 hours from 2-4 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. PT. You may miss part or all of a session, but no refund will be available for missed time.

  • We encourage participants to use their camera to help to build community, but it is not a requirement to be on camera. Participants should have working microphone and speakers to engage with the cohort.  


  • We have space for 15 U.S. participants with a few spots reserved for students requesting a full or partial scholarship. 

  • The program fee is on a sliding scale to increase accessibility. You may select your payment level from the following options: $75 (Supporter: helps to fund another participant) / $50 (Full price: pays for the cost of your participation) / $25 (Partial Scholarship) / $0 (Full Scholarship)

  • The program fee allows for program leader compensation and pays for Internet access for the participants in Morocco.

  • No refunds available after December 28, 2021.