Hikayat Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Cultural Preservation and Youth Development


In late 2013, four young Moroccans and one master storyteller took it upon themselves to save Morocco's ancient storytelling tradition. This centuries old custom of learning stories from storytellers in public squares has all but died. The master began sharing the stories with the younger generation.


These young storytellers have taken it upon themselves to share Morocco's stories with a younger generation of Moroccans. Their efforts have been featured by an Al Jazeera Documentary, "A Marrakech Tale." They now offer storytelling workshops all over Morocco. One of the performers traveled to a festival in Iran to represent Morocco's craft and Hikayat Morocco will travel to Scotland to share Moroccan folklore.


ImprintEd Abroad and Hikayat Morocco offer students a unique storytelling experience. Hikayat Morocco's storytellers can perform for student groups in English and explain the importance of keeping this tradition alive. They can also offer performance workshops to students of Modern Standard Arabic or Moroccan Arabic.


Hikayat Morocco can collaborate with ImprintEd Aborad on the following themes:

Cultural Discovery

Language Training

Girls Leadership

Performance and Music

Citizenship and Social Change